Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Quilled Flowers Birthday Card For Mom

For my mom's birthday this year, I wanted to quill her something really beautiful. The original plan was to be a garden of flowers :) ( I do have that thought still running in my head, I just may have a garden of quilled flowers hanging on my wall someday :) ) I did keep the core of the plan which was to create as many types of flowers as I could and given that my mom loves yellow , the color theme was yellow. I did add some blues to it, to bring out the yellow and it does look like the blues made the whole piece brighter. 

I did do a lot of scourging the net, searching for all sorts of quilled flower tutorials. It is amazing the number of super talented people out there making such beautiful creations :) And all with just paper. Who would have thought ! 
Thank you guys, you made it possible . And a real big thanks to the internet and Google which is the only reason I chanced upon this art form of quilling that fascinates me endlessly :) 

So , I ended up making the 'Royal' Flower, the Malaysian Flower, Fringed Flowers, Crimped Flowers, Bell Flowers, little Loop Flowers, little Heart bunched Flowers, a Zinnia (or something close to it :D) , a Vortex Flower, a double-shaded half flower and finally Roses :) I have been meaning to do roses for so long and never found the right way to do, until i stumbled upon Inna's tutorial (who by the way has made like tons of amazing flowers)




I wondered how to place all the flowers together on a empty canvas and I didn't really get it right.

My mom's name is Santha (that translates to Peace in English) , and the bell flowers sat so well on a curve, so I decided to go with a monogram of  paper flowers :) 

And then on, it was placing flower by flower along the curve.

And voila, we have a quilled monogram for S with 12 types of flowers ! Yayyyyyyy

Happy Birthday Ma ! Here's to flowers that will never fade !


  1. You did a beautiful job! I'm guessing she'll love it.

  2. @Ann Martin : Thank you so much ! I must tell you , I love all the posts in your blog, I have been very inspired by you :) It is so amazing that you have actually seen my blog and added a comment ! You just made my day :)

  3. And yes, my mom loved it :-)