Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sold most of the cards!

Thank you so much guys , I managed to sell almost all the cards .... Very very happy :)
Here's what I sent out ...

There was one customer who ordered four cards, I was all yayyyyyy and sent her a pair of my handmade quilled earrings as a thank you !

P.S. Finding envelopes the right size for the cards I make , whew , I went searching in the gullies of Commercial Street to find them .. I considered professional paper cutters and what not . It's tough cutting cards and making envelopes (read, it's comparitively boring than making whats on the card :D ) Someone find me a way please ! 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Cards for Sale

Well, here's a first for me, I put up cards for sale on I had planned to make in on the love theme to time it for Valentine's nothing too sappy of course and I rather like the stuff I came up with if I say so myself :)
Of course its almost all quilled cards, I finally used the stamps my brother gifted me(thanks bro!) , a little bit of doilies and I finally found a way to get text on my handmade cards. I am so jealous of all the crafters who have amazing writing skills and don't need to think twice !
Wish me luck!



Friday, December 20, 2013

Quilling in Photo Frames with Names

So, I made 2 quilled items in photo frames with the names of 2 little girls for their birthdays.
The 1st one I used Alphabet stickers and managed to finish it in less than an hour.  Yup, as I was putting on my sandals for leaving to the party, I was trying to get the frame into wrapping paper !!

The 2nd one was a little more pre-planned. I got a photo printed with just the name on it as text, put it into the frame and then quilled on it. The flowers were inspired from Inna's Creations' Wild carrot flowers, though of course as usual, they look nothing like the original:)) Making all those curls is time consuming, looking at the picture, we might not realise.

Weirdly enough, I did not get feedback from both parties about these gifts :(  I do hope they liked it though ...

And this last one was at my sister's request for her friend. I've tried quilling a pink and gold orchid. The orchid, I think looks nice. Not too happy about the look on the frame though.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Having My Cake And NOT Eating It Too :)

So, I wanted to make something for my hubby's birthday. He had said "No cake this time." The Mr is watching the weight and what not :) But whats a birthday without cake ? And so I wondered and wondered how to make a cake that's not a cake and voila !

Here it is ...

I got a free printable template from <>
I dug into the papers that I had and went with a gold-based theme for the paper cake.
The small flowers arranged in a shifted circle are from a punch - this paper is off-white with gold-colored patterns on it. And finally for a pop of color, red roses :)
The 'flowers'are the rolled

Monday, May 20, 2013

Beautifying Gift Bags ...

So, we had a little get-together and it was the perfect opportunity for me to make the return gift-bags extra special. I wanted white paper bags so any color would look good on it but we could only find grey.
Here goes ... Some quilled flowers(sunflower and Susan's beehive ), punched flowers arranged with a piece of string, and whatever I could lay my hands on. Didn't get all the pics though, I actually forgot to photograph all the bags :(
I actually saw people notice the designs and girl came up to me and said, she would make sure they re-use the bag. Yayyyy for paper bags ! 2 guys looked at each others' bag and one said " I want your design" and they actually exchanged bags! yahooo ! And one aunty actually came and asked us where we bought them coz she had a function coming up. Now that's the ultimate compliment isn't it ... So, here's to crafting on gift wrapping !

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A small thank you for Sylvia

 Hubby's boss is a sweet heart, she turned up with loads of stuff for our baby :) Here is a small thank you card I made for her ..
And turns out she liked it enough to keep it on her refrigerator at home ! yayyyy !

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Photo Frames with Laces

Some stuff I don't think I have posted before..

Laces to frame a photo :) The work could have been a lot neater :(

Some punched flowers to add a border for a photo frame..