Saturday, July 14, 2012

My First Scrapbooking Attempt

I have seen so many amazing scrapbooking artists(crafter seems too little) out there that I have always wished I could try. The problem with scrapbooking is not the idea or the template, not even the colors , its always where can I get that beautiful pattern paper. Scrapbookers seem to have an endless supply of beautiful papers and it's never just one paper , the beauty of each scrap-page is the layers, so many matching papers all laid one upon another with embellishments enhancing the page ! I just love looking at these amazing things that people call scrapbooks.
When I finally gathered the courage to try, I realised , I had no idea how to do it or what to do. What colors do I chose. How should the layout look? How do I put text on the card?
All I had was the basic idea that I was going to make a scrapbook type card for a hubby's work friend's send off from office because he was going back to school and it needed to be big enough for 50 people to sign their good luck messages :)

I started with green color (because that's currently the color that's catching my eye the most. Does it happen to you too, I go through phases of colors that are my faves, I end up buying clothes/decorative items/ papers of all blues or oranges or pinks or whatever I like during that phase. Ha ha )
I had no way of putting text on the card( I have a terrible handwriting and cannot draw freehand if my life depended on it . :( ) So, I looked for images that had text I wanted to convey.
And then I looked through all the decorative/patterned paper I had and found one that matched with my green and didn't look too girly. (Oh and let me tell you this, making something for women is soooooo much more easier than making a card for a guy. I think that applies to getting gifts for occasions too doesn't it? Girls are just easier to shop for!)

After I finished placing the elements in a hundred ways together, I wasn't quite happy until I finally decided on this.

The elements I have here is patterned paper, my Ek Success punch for the top and bottom of the page, my Martha Stewart Doily punch under the pattern paper and pre-printed alphabet stickers to add that personal touch.
The red satin ribbon was a last minute addition and I think it brings out the brightness element !

So, here's my Best Wishes Card ala Scrapbook style. Bon Voyage Ashwin ! And have fun :)

P.S. I now appreciate scrapbookers so much more !

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