Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sold most of the cards!

Thank you so much guys , I managed to sell almost all the cards .... Very very happy :)
Here's what I sent out ...

There was one customer who ordered four cards, I was all yayyyyyy and sent her a pair of my handmade quilled earrings as a thank you !

P.S. Finding envelopes the right size for the cards I make , whew , I went searching in the gullies of Commercial Street to find them .. I considered professional paper cutters and what not . It's tough cutting cards and making envelopes (read, it's comparitively boring than making whats on the card :D ) Someone find me a way please ! 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Cards for Sale

Well, here's a first for me, I put up cards for sale on I had planned to make in on the love theme to time it for Valentine's nothing too sappy of course and I rather like the stuff I came up with if I say so myself :)
Of course its almost all quilled cards, I finally used the stamps my brother gifted me(thanks bro!) , a little bit of doilies and I finally found a way to get text on my handmade cards. I am so jealous of all the crafters who have amazing writing skills and don't need to think twice !
Wish me luck!