Saturday, July 14, 2012

Quilled Nameplate for our Anniversary

Here's a step by step of my latest quilled creation :) A nameplate of blue and yellow quilled letters and yes, it like a little jungle with lots of animals :)) And yup, I know it looks like it has been made for a kid :))
I kept to basic quilling shapes for filling up the letters and tried to find an animal for each letter, well at least as close as I could manage :) 

Step 1 : Create the letters. 

Step 2 :  I traced out the letters onto the canvas / card and stuck the quilling paper along the edge vertical (as opposed to flat on the card) 

Voila, all the letters done ! 

Step 3 : Make quilled animals for the letters ... This was the fun bit ! 

V for Wolf ( or Volf?  he he , close enough)  Didn't quill this one though. 
The filling in the V is with quilled cubes / squares with alternating blues, yellows and creams.

N For Neelu ( creative license in using the Telugu translation for Water here :) ) So, the quilled crab and quilled fish are the sea creatures. 
The N is filled with crimped quilling paper cut and stuck vertically. And since it was looking too blue, I put in some yellows free style ;) 

And O is for ....... the wise Owl !
Filled with double sided quilled loops.

D is for my cute little flame breathing Dragon. The dragon by the Fairy Card Maker was my inspiration to do this in the first place. Here's to my fantasy fiction, dragon fan hubby - Happy 50th Monthiversary Hubby !

Wolf Closeup

For my sea-side hometown hubby, Quilled Fish in water closeup

Quilled Loopy Crab and air bubbles in water closeup

Hoot hoot the Quilled Owl for my super smart Hubby

Quilled Dragon Closeup

And here it is all done !

:) It took quite a bit of time to make all those fillers and come up with the idea. Hope my hubby likes it :) 


  1. Hi How r u?
    I really admire ur work , i would like to ask u a question, the ear rings are made of paper , r u putting any materials to let it live longer??
    Thanks .

  2. Hi .. Thank you ...
    You could check out this link for making the earrings last longer :