Friday, May 25, 2012

A Quick Birthday Card

I guess that’s the only option left when your hubby tells you 30 mins before leaving for office that he wants a birthday card for a pal :-P

Add to the fact that we just shifted our home and I am not sure where all my artsy-craftsy stuff is !! I was running around wondering where the scissors were and then for gum and then for .. you get the picture ! I really need to group and unpack my craft kit !
It may not show but I got a chance to use for the first time ever ---- A Stamp ! My brand new Fiskars Paper Trimmer  ! My Ek Success Punch ! And some Alphabet stickers !! Yayyyyy I’m a happy Camper ! 

Here’s the card, it’s simple, easy to make and  really fast .

(I've just blurred the signatures) 

Happy Birthday Dhatre !!! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quilled Hairbands for sisters :)

In the sale that we had, a dad with 3 daughters picked up a hairband and told my husband "There's going to be some fighting at home tonight".
So, I decided, I need to make some more, it took me a week to get the time, and you won't believe it if I told you, but I actually made this on my way to office in the office bus ! Do not ask how I managed :)
Hubby told me that the dad was really really happy that we actually made 2 more specially for him(even though he didn't ask for it)
Yayyyyyy ! Its so nice to make someone happy !