Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Photo Frames with Laces

Some stuff I don't think I have posted before..

Laces to frame a photo :) The work could have been a lot neater :(

Some punched flowers to add a border for a photo frame..

Some Quilled Earrings

Some earrings that I had made a while ago but hadn't taken proper pictures then .... And then they were sold, so a couple of these are the pics from before they turned into earrings :)

This one looks like some sort of mechanical gears and grease earrings, with a metallic touch ! I was trying to get 2 colors one on the inside and one on the outside to see how the colors would look and well, not too shabby eh ;)

My first attempt at the Royal Flower, had a little tough time getting all the lengths same every time and I actually realised how much patience I had ( For those of you who don't know me, I'm the sort who can't stand waiting 1 minute for the microwave to heat food , ha ha ) And I believe this was the first earring sold that day. So yayyy  .

Another first attempt, the Malaysian flower, I absolutely love the originals !

The simplest ones and yet they look so nice ! Crimped paper rolled ...

Paper Carnations

This quick and easy to make tutorial from Folding Trees was just the perfect thing when I couldn't find carnations for my in-laws' anniversary. And my MIL still has them on her center table .. yayyy ..

And did I tell you, I looooooove coloring the edges, it makes the flower look so much more authentic !

Add the sticks and put them in a simple vase and voila! you are done !

Quick and Easy Gift Tag Decor

Takes under 10 minutes to make that extra something to make your gift wrapping pop. Not that most people notice though :( But when they do, oh joy.

These 'flowers' are from a tutorial that I don't remember the source of, I saw it really long ago. They are similar to the Martha Stewart crafts tutorial but with multiple colours ..

Just a very simple quilled flower (if you will) added to the gift tag.