Monday, May 20, 2013

Beautifying Gift Bags ...

So, we had a little get-together and it was the perfect opportunity for me to make the return gift-bags extra special. I wanted white paper bags so any color would look good on it but we could only find grey.
Here goes ... Some quilled flowers(sunflower and Susan's beehive ), punched flowers arranged with a piece of string, and whatever I could lay my hands on. Didn't get all the pics though, I actually forgot to photograph all the bags :(
I actually saw people notice the designs and girl came up to me and said, she would make sure they re-use the bag. Yayyyy for paper bags ! 2 guys looked at each others' bag and one said " I want your design" and they actually exchanged bags! yahooo ! And one aunty actually came and asked us where we bought them coz she had a function coming up. Now that's the ultimate compliment isn't it ... So, here's to crafting on gift wrapping !

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