Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Quilled Earrings

There's going to be a sale at my hubby's office, the proceeds of which go to a charity - the items on sale have to be handmade :)
The one thing that I am currently Loving is Quilling. So, I had to do something with that. While cards and stuff first popped into my head, I realised I'd want to make something that people may use more readily. (Cards tend to need an occassion dont they) So, earrings it was :) And no, it has nothing to do with the fact that I have been dying to make some since a month ;)

Green and Purple Flower Earrings

Yellow and Blue Hanging Flower Earrings

Cute Duck Earrings

Pink Loop Earrings

Blue and white circle earrings

My aquamarine starburst earrings  

Peaches and Cream earrings

Simple and colorful small earrings

This is what I came up with when I got bored of the girly designs(just a 15 min phase, it passed :) )

Yin yang earrings

Eclectic shaped pink and funky green earrings

Red Dewdrop earrings

Heart earrings

My little Butterfly earrings

Hypnotic earrings, (seriously keep staring at the circles)

All the earrings laid out together ...

I had such a good time making quilled earrings. These are like my first batch of cookies, simple stuff but it makes me happy .It has been mostly a learning experience for me - sourcing the metal hoops for the earrings in Bangalore , tough job :) But this nice guy in Commercial Street managed to source some for me. Turns out I didnt have the right pliers to tighten the loops after looping the paper through it. I managed to over Mod-Podge some earrings so they look just plain goopy (oh yeah, broke my heart to see a nice quilled earring rendered un-usable). And of course, once the earring was ready, it just wouldnt balance right or it would keep changing direcrtions going sideways or doing a 180 turn ;) What joy !! But I must say, valuable lessons learnt. I still have some time to go and have some other plans up my sleeve. Wish me luck, I do hope to be able to make a valuable contribution through my limited skills.